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Cocoagraph Digital Launch

Content Production / Digital Strategy / Earned Media
Charged with the digital launch of Cocoagraph, producer of artisan chocolate bars printed with edible Instagram photos, HyLo Labs developed an outreach strategy around the intersection of food and technology. We targeted key online influencers with a press release and video short we crafted for camera-happy consumers and digital natives. Cocoagraph’s story went viral, appearing on the likes of Mashable / PSFK, Gizmodo, Design Taxi, Apartment Therapy, Laughing Squid, Bon Appetit, and Cool Hunting. The chocolates were touted as “a delectable way to convince people your photos are worth a look…then a bite” and “memories so good you can eat them.” We achieved over 30,000 video views, as well as over 2,700 article reads and 3,000 direct interactions on social media in a matter of days. The company’s website was flooded with orders and was forced into temporary shut-downs due to overcapacity. Cocoagraph remains a showcase of our ability to activate online communities and drive real-word participation.