Styles of Feastival

Fancy plates weren’t the only styles served up at Feastival, Philly’s premier arts and culture event. Here’s the dish on the most evocative individuals we saw at last night’s extravaganza ….a marriage of culinary daring and live acrobatics that has inspired locals to make Feastival the sartorial spectacle of the year.

Queen of Fried Happiness—Felicia D’Ambrosio offers up Federal Donuts of the anise and citrus variety (top). Hot’n’fresh donuts complement a vintage getup from head to toe (bottom).

David Maser can’t believe his luck…he’s on to dessert when most folks are taking their first bites of dinner. Must be the good karma that comes from sporting local threads. (Suit by Rittenhouse mens clothier Henry Davidsen).

…Or just falling into Tom’s good graces:

On our way in, we run into Renée and Hillary of Pumpkin, who’ve already made the rounds in their elegant lace and sequin attire. They’re partial to the outdoor offerings: cold-pressed coffee from La Colombe, the Shack Burger, and (surprise, surprise) the donuts. 

We, however, are completely taken with a few discoveries we make indoors, including…        A spicy shrimp, prosciutto, and tomato marmalata creation by Monsù:

…Local lamb and kale meatballs with heirloom tomato conserva and rosemary oil by Talula’s Garden:

…and Saucisson en brioche with a sauce madeira by Bibou:

(Nantucket Reds courtesy of Brandon Collier). But these culinary gems aren’t the only show-stoppers. Next to the Lemon Hill bar, we encounter these visiting vixens from SAKS:

…Man-about-town Brendan Walsh sippin’ on a Siembra Azul Rose Petal Margarita:

 …and Nicole Marquis and Kate Bertolet, the ladies behind vegan favorite HipCityVeg, glowing in pastels and neutrals.

Lingering by the seared scallops at Tashan, interior designers DB Kim, Joanna Babarakos, and Jt Christensen entertain their companions in style…

Guests Rebecca Kenton and Robert and Karen Baldry strike a subtle vision in green…

…Rittenhouse resident Doug Cooper deliberates the most stylish spot in the city…

..And, as Philly food aficionado Drew Lazor muses on his recent discoveries, we begin counting down to Feastival 2013.  

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