New Digs on North 3rd

Stylish ladies and dapper gents turned out in spades to christen our new corner on North 3rd St. Together, we celebrated the launch of our swanky digs and welcomed our retail partner, Tina DeVita of J.Hilburn, to Philadelphia.

J.Hilburn Tina DeVita HyLo Boutiques Old City Philadelphia

Tina and Jen huddle over J.Hilburn swatches before guests arrive. A collection of works by artist Pete Zebley hangs overhead.

Jennifer Green Tina DeVita J.Hilburn HyLo Boutiques Pete Zebley

Business partners talkin’ biz:

Jennifer Green Tina DeVita J.Hilburn HyLo Boutiques Pete Zebley

The table is set.

HyLo Boutiques Hyperlocal Old City Philadelphia

These little guys were made by Hammerstone Whiskey Disks exclusively for our new space. They can’t wait to get the party started!

HyLo Boutiques Hammerstone's Whiskey Disks J.Hilburn

This Spodee and Sody is the lucky recipient of a custom Whiskey Disk. Hasta la vista, ice cubes!

HyLo Boutiques J.Hilburn Spodee Hammerstone's Whiskey Disks

Some fancy Fancies courtesy of Federal Donuts herald a night of festivities. They are gone within minutes.

HyLo Boutiques J.Hilburn Federal Donuts Fednuts

Our Lendl flashes his million-dollar smile.

Lendl Tellington HyLo Boutiques J.Hilburn Sukkatash

The stunning Aubrie of Bus Stop Boutique engages guests, whiskey sour in hand.

J.Hilburn HyLo Boutiques Bus Stop Boutique Philadelphia

Fashion blogger Jacqui DM is a vision in stripes.

Jacqui Davis Moranti Fashion Blogger HyLo Boutiques J.Hilburn

Team Federal Donuts, bookended by HyLo’s Jen and Shelby, with our resident luminaries, Katra and Shadowfax of Love Illuminati:

HyLo Boutiques Federal Donuts Fednuts J.Hilburn Love Illuminati Katra Michener Shelby Kay

Danny Fox schooling Brien in the ways of Danny Fox.

Danny Fox J.Hilburn HyLo Boutiques J.Hilburn

Swanky Severino sliders await hungry mouths.

Severino J.Hilburn HyLo Boutiques

Our James lookin’ svelte:

James Heaney HyLo Boutiques J.Hilburn

Leigh and Amy go gaga for J.Hilburn’s fine stitching.

HyLo Boutiques J.Hilburn Old City Philadelphia

Perfect hair and Michael of the Fluid Ribbon Chair:

HyLo Boutiques J.Hilburn

Fluid Chair J.Hilburn HyLo Boutiques

Another Michael with perfect hair:


Jen and Dave, VIP owner of our soon-to-be studio dog:

HyLo Boutiques J.Hilburn

Oh, those millenials.


Dana enjoys a good chuckle with Tom and Dean.

HyLo Boutiques J.Hilburn

Chelsea of Moon & Arrow just being her adorable self:

Chelsea Pearce Moon+Arrow HyLo Boutiques J.Hilburn

A dessert without cheese is like a beautiful woman with one eye.” – The New Larousse Gastronomique, 1960.
Severino J.Hilburn HyLo Boutiques

 Jen and JP, VP of Product for J.Hilburn, share a moment of inspiration.

The Selvedge Yard JP TSY HyLo Boutiques J.Hilburn

Our Tee is such a fox.

Tymbre HyLo Boutiques J.Hilburn

Tina is glowing in her new home.

Tina DeVita HyLo Boutiques J.Hilburn

Jen tends bar.

Jennifer Green HyLo Boutiques J.Hilburn

Photo maven Dominique Nichole snaps a few pics for her blog; a bearded Seun of Duke & Winston looks on in back.

Dominique Nichole Seun Olubodun HyLo Boutiques J.Hilburn

Our lady Tee calls it a night. Til next time!

Tymbre HyLo Boutiques J.Hilburn Alex Rotondo

 All photos courtesy of Kate Raines with the exception of the above by Alex Rotondo.