Our Favorite Lingerie Comes to Kickstarter

Hey friends! As you all get swept up in the holiday hustle & bustle we want to encourage you to slow down. To relish the excitement of the season but also to relax. To take a breath, sit back, and consider the more timeless things in life.

We want you to think about panties.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working with Nais, a lingerie brand based out of Brooklyn. We’ve followed them from subway stop to subway stop, from their show at NYFW to their studio in Bushwick to their favorite rooftop bar. Now they’ve brought their urban-crafted bras and panties to Kickstarter.

Take a peek at our video and show us some love! Because everything is better when shared: http://kck.st/TLpFHd

Take our word for it — the rewards will be satisfying indeed.